We are a loving couple with four children. We continually try to find ways to better balance between family and work. While we attempt to stretch the dollar, we try out products that we believe may improve some part of our or our children’s life.

Happiness You and Me is our way of giving back to the world. Maybe you can learn from our experiences or at least filter through all of those paid product reviews found on other sites. This was something we had to learn for ourselves. But that lesson was what inspired this site. We will share the good and the bad opinions we have on things so you can make your own decision. We may share how to purchase something as well, but we’re not here to make a profit. We’re here to share.

Our projects can be used for your own ideas to improve things. We will even outline what we would not do again just so you can maybe skip a learning curve.

We may not do things in a professional manner. We don’t claim to be carpenters or anything like that. We have some skills, but we work other jobs like most parents and all DIYers. If you have a better way to do a task, feel free to comment on that for others.

But most of all, enjoy the site, and let us know if you get any use out of our pages.