The Quest for the Perfect Bed

Sleep is one of the biggest contributors to your mental and physical health. As the wife and I continue to “get better”, (our codeword for getting older), we have found that good sleep is even more important. Tired of the usual aches and pains we set out on a quest to find the perfect bed. To put things in perspective, I am approximately 260 pounds (but working on that as another objective). My wife is at least half of me. I could not say for sure, but she is a perfect size. And I prefer to stay married so I am not going to ask nor would I post it here if I did. So we will say at least half of me. So we will always have a slightly different opinion on a mattress. I will sink in more than she will. So a perfect mattress will need to work for both of us. In addition, she tends to sleep on her side, I will shift back and forth from back to side to another side. Being that she is a side sleeper mostly, she will want a softer bed so her shoulders and hips don’t hurt. This is important to understand when reading about our experiences, as you will be able to better compare our opinion to what you might be able to expect.

Our first steps on this quest were to the typical mattress stores. We tried countless beds till we decided on one of the memory foam beds. More specifically the Tempurpedic. What we quickly found was that an all memory foam bed does not have good edge support. On nights our young kids decided to jump into bed in the middle of the night we would be forced to the edges of the bed and the feeling was like we would fall off at any moment. We were not worried at the time because there was a 100-night sleep guarantee from the store. However, we found out the importance of reading the fine print on agreements. The 100-night guarantee allowed us to trade out the mattress only one time and only for a mattress the store carried. Although we felt a little angry that this was not fully disclosed during our discussions with our sales rep, we had already signed off on this concept. We left the store with the Simmons Beautyrest Black hybrid. Which we have now had for about 4 years. While it is not horrible, we don’t feel we have found the perfect bed for us. While it seems it is a bit more comfortable than others we are testing, We have not given up on the idea of a perfect bed that makes you want to never leave it. 

For more information on our Simmons Beautyrest Black Hybrid experience, click here (coming soon)

The mattress store policies of no cash refund only a one-time switch out for another mattress they carry put our objective on hold temporarily. Our Beautyrest mattress has long been paid off and with the cashback refund policies on these newer Internet-based mattresses companies, our quest is back on track. Apparently, there is a very large market for online mattresses, and since their business model relies on Internet traffic, there has been a very large population of mattress review sites. Being that I am a research fanatic, I read many of them looking for information. What I soon discovered, is that those sites are a business. In a sense, they have replaced the mattress store salesmen. It is all about sending as many people to buy a particular mattress so they get the commission. Don’t get me wrong,  we use affiliate links too, but what I witnessed was on another level completely. Because of this, we will share our experiences on the various mattresses we have been trying out. This will be based on our opinion. We will not try to look like mattress scientists, experts in sleep, or anything of the sort. We will talk about our experiences as a consumer of the product, just like all of our discussions. We will provide an affiliate link (if we have one) to the product if you desire to allow us to receive a commission, but we will also provide a non-affiliate link that will take you directly to the site in case you did not appreciate our input and do not want to contribute to our site.  This site is not our business… This is just our hobby to give back to the public by sharing our experiences. Maybe we will make enough from your support to pay for the site, or maybe not. Either way, we don’t care, we just want to share.OK, enough said about that. And please, read our disclaimer. 

So on to the Internet beds or as they have become to be known “bed in a box”. So after a lot of research, which is difficult due to the Internet marketing gurus who run the mattress review sites, we decided on a promising bed made by Tomorrow Sleep. From previous experience, we already knew that an all memory foam mattress will not provide adequate edge support. We do not like to feel like we are going to fall off the bed when we are near the edge. So the hybrid option will be our focus. A hybrid will be a combination of springs and some cushioning of some kind such as memory foam or latex type product. Also from experience, we knew that having too soft of a bed can also cause some aches and pains, so we tend to look for something in the middle to the firm side. The Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid mattress offered a medium firm option and a medium soft option. After some serious discussions, we purchased the King size hybrid in the medium firm configuration. If I were to do it all over again, I think the medium soft would have been a better option for us.  

To read about our experiences with the Tomorrow Sleep Hybrid click here (coming soon)

During the first mattresses 30 day minimum, we were already researching for the next bed in our quest for the perfect bed. Oh quick note, most all Internet mattress companies offer at least a 100-night trial and a full refund if not happy. The only requirement is you must try it for at least 30 days. Back tot he story… We had our sites set on the Avocado Green Mattress. We were a little excited about this one. A hybrid mattress with individually wrapped springs made from recycled metal. All natural latex for the padding, and organic New Zeland wool topper which is naturally fire retardant so no chemicals required for this bed. This thing is all natural.  It is better for us and for the environment. so as you can see excited.

To read about our experiences with the Avocado Green Mattress click here (coming soon)

At this point, I had been doing a lot of research on beds, and the research led me to a discovery about how the luxury hotels make their beds so luxurious. And I had an epiphany. The 5-star hotels don’t rely on just a mattress, it is all about layers. Some have featherbed or foam type padding on top of the mattress followed by some cushiony mattress pad. Now, in order to help you with your own research, there is a specific terminology for each piece. This will help you if you too decide to purchase layers for your bed. First off, a cushion layer typically 2+” that goes on top of the mattress (usually not with a fitted sheet type of attachment) is called a topper. Its purpose is to provide a pillow top like experience. The mattress topper can be foam, latex, down, or any other combination. The very top part that you would put on just before the sheets is called the mattress pad. This can have elastic that tucks in under the corners of the mattress or even a full fitted sheet type of attachment. (I recommend that approach so you don’t come undone if you move around). The mattress pad may also be a mattress protector type of product.  So depending on what you are searching for you can now shop appropriately for a mattress topper to change the softness of the mattress or a mattress pad to provide maybe a little cushion but mainly to hold it all together. Anyway, now we are including pads and toppers in our quest for the perfect bed.

(to be continued)